You are here : Consular Service / Visa for less than 3 months

Application documentation

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months;

  • 2 Forms duly completed and signed (here);

  • 2 recent photographs;

  • 2 Photocopies of the return ticket or failing this, a signed attestation with the official stamp of the travel agency which issued the return tickets. The reservation dates must be clearly indicated;

  • This type of visa can be obtained at the airport or port of disembarkation.

Lead time: 48 hours

Period of use and validity of the visa
  • Period of use: three months maximum as from the date of issue;

  • The authorised length of stay depends on the reservation dates mentioned on the tickets. It is possible however, in some cases, to request an extension of the stay in Madagascar from the Ministry of Interior or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

  • N.B.: a tourist and business visa valid for less than three months cannot be converted into a long-stay visa by the Ministry of the Interior.

Chancellery costs per visa (starting 1st november 2010):
  • One entry less than 1 month: Free;
  • One entry between 1 and 2 months: €55;
  • One entry between 2 and 3 months: €77;
  • Two entries (or multiple entries): €83;

For some trips, certain special conditions are required:
  • Medical check-up
    Medical certificate
    - Certificate of hospital admission

  • Scientific research
    - Research authorisation issued in advance by the Ministry of Scientific Research or the Ministry of Higher Education

  • Pleasure Boat
    The documents concerning the vessel:
    - Report to the Harbour Master with the following information:
    - Place of departure and itinerary of the sailing boat
    - Crew and any passengers
    - Authorisation to put into port from the nearest Merchant Navy department in accordance with the maritime navigation police in the event of putting in outside of the main ports
    - Exact period of entry and stay in the Malagasy waters

  • Shooting of films
    - Authorisation issued by the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Culture and Communication

  • Cruising
    The complete list of passengers and members of the crew supplied by the Captain with the following references:
    - Nationality
    - Number and date of valid passport
    - Businessmen whose activities require frequent trips to Madagascar may apply for permanent entry and exit visas valid for a maximum of three years, either to the diplomatic or consular representative offices, or the Ministry of Interior. The period of stay on each entry must not however exceed three months.

  • Health
    Vaccination, non-compulsory but recommended purely on preventive grounds against hepatitis A and B
    - Vaccinations against cholera and yellow fever will be required for any traveller who has stayed in a country declared by the W.H.O. as being an infestation zone;
    - It is recommended that Nivaquine tablets be taken against malaria due to the change of climate.

  • Animals
    A vaccination certificate is required, in particular against rabies

  • Transportation, tourist circuits, hotels
    Tour operator representatives are available throughout, even at the airport, whatever the time of arrival.

  • Children
    Children may be included on the passport of one or both of the parents, or that of the legal guardians;
    - Whatever the child’s age, he may now have an individual passport;
    - A baby travelling in the company of a person other than his parents requires authorisation from the legitimate parents, which must be approved by the Belgian authorities and stamped by the Embassy.

  • Foreign currency
    - All standard currencies (U.S. dollars, euros, etc.) are accepted by the banks. Credit cards (Visa, American Express) are accepted by leading hotels and some tour operators

  • Opening hours of the Visa Department
    - Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 12.00.